Frequently Asked Questions

How much will landscaping my garden cost?

Here are some guidelines which will help with getting a general figure:

  1. The first important factor is to look at the landscaping budget in relation to the value of your property.
  2. The amount you spend on landscaping your garden should not exceed 15% to 20% of your capital value.
  3. The Landscaping Industries Association of Victoria suggests:
    • Average cost of $150 – $350 per square metre, based on
      - 60% for soft landscaping, (plants, soil, mulching, irrigation)
      - 40% for hard landscaping (decks, paving, walls etc)
    • This does not include the cost for design or maintenance which varies depending on the size of the block, the topography, and materials used.
  4. Doing some jobs yourself can reduce the cost of jobs by 50%. Beware that a badly planned D-I-Y job can escalate in cost.

The amount you are willing to spend is the ultimate lowdown. Whether you are wanting to have deck or paved areas, retaining walls, stone or brick walls, pergolas, spa and or pool, plan your budget.

A property with a professionally landscaped garden will greatly increase the value of your home.  Whether you intend to stay long term or are selling in the near future, the amount you put into landscaping is money well spent.

General Prices for Landscaping Components

Standard Paving (Mortar Mix) 100mm Thick Reinforced Concrete Slab From $120-$350/m2

Finished Concrete From $80/m2 – $160/m2

Exposed aggregate From $80/m2 – $160/m2

Polished Concrete $100/m2 – $350/m2

Brick edging on mortar base $40 – $60/ LM

Natural Stone Pool Coping  (Size and Material Dependent) $150 – $300/LM

Step treds (Size and Material Dependent) From $100/LM

Decking  Materials Used – Merbu / Spotted Gum / Treated Pine From $300m2- $500m2

Dry Stack Stone Walling From $350m2-$500m2

Excavation / Bobcat Operator $500-$950 / 8 Hour day

Brick and Block Walls (Depending on Brick Type / Block / Supplier/ Prices)  Range $1.50 – $6 / brick or block

Render from $60 – $150/m2

Synthetic Turf $80-$150/m2

Lawn $15 – $40/ m2

* All prices depend largely on material type, widths, supply, demand and on individual landscapers pricing. This can only be used as a guide.*

Do you construct gardens?

We have a team of reliable and hard working landscapers, who have the education, experience and licenses to construct the entire garden without you picking up a tool, if this is what you are after.

Can I get a quote?

Yes you can get accurate quotes from our landscaping design plans; All measurements, details and information on the plans are suitable for quoting.

There is a misconception that a “round about figure” can be given by a landscape designer just from a quick chat and look at the block.

Landscape Design is the same as architecture in  that the building process involves careful planning,  technical specifications and different materials. All of these are based around the clients needs, desires,  and the site characteristics. Detailed plans are needed to determine the specifics so that the plans are around the clients budget expectations before a quote can be obtained. *Quotes can vary between tradespeople and landscapers as there is no industry standard  for prices, labour and materials.*

How can I save money?

You can get better value for your money in a number of different ways.

  1. Do parts of the garden work yourself such as site preparation, levels, rubbish removal, soil preparation, planting. This is by far the most popular method chosen to help reduce costs.
  2. Buy plants at a wholesale rate.
  3. Buy smaller plants.
  4. Sub-contract the work yourself (you can save thousands here too!).

How long does it take?

The design process itself takes around 2-4 weeks  depending on client controlled variables ie; appointment availabilities and client decisions.

Landscaping can take from 1 week to 6 depending on how much work is being carried out and how many men are working on the site.

Do you do Pools?

We do pool design, and the landscaping that surrounds it.  The actual construction  of the pool is done by a pool specialist.

Note:  Most pool manufacturers only do the pool edge paving. We are expert at blending the pool in with the landscaping to make it a feature of your garden.